Thai Massage Workshops

At this time instructors, other than Nephyr, in the Naga Center Teacher's Guild, offer three Naga Center courses: Thai Massage Essentials, Deep Thai Massage, and Tools of Thai Bodywork; described below.  Once these courses have been taken with any Naga Center Guild teacher, students are able to take advanced courses at The Naga Center.  For a complete list of Naga Center courses, click here
Many Naga Center Guild teachers offer courses of their own that are not Naga Center curriculum, which you can learn about on their websites.
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Thai Massage Essentials: Layers and Lines
(a level I Naga Center course)

This foundational course is so unique that experienced Thai massage practitioners and instructors, along with those who are brand new to Thai bodywork, will find themselves engaging in an in-depth inspirational learning experience. 

Course provides:
• Instruction in how to give a full body Thai massage
• Understanding of the layers of the physical body through Thai medicine perspective
• Examination of the sen lines, a unique understanding of our connection to movement
• Techniques for supine, prone and seated massage
• History, theory, and spirituality of Thai healing arts
• Daily reusi da ton, Thai self care practices
• Daily traditional Thai healing arts spiritual practice

Deep Thai Massage: Compression and Stretch
(a level II Naga Center course)

The focus of this class is the skillful application of Thai deep tissue techniques that bring true structural change to muscle, fascia and sen, along with targeted luxurious stretches that open and release the body, allowing for greater freedom of movement.  Journey further into the structural integration aspects that are natural to Thai massage.

Course provides:
• Ability to give a full body Thai massage
• Deep tissue techniques for structural change, healing, and release
• Techniques for supine, prone, sidelying and seated positions
• Thai and Lanna passive stretch therapies
• Understanding of compressions, percussive therapy, and other Thai deep tissue techniques

• Advanced tendon, ligament and nerve treatment techniques
•  Daily reusi da ton (Thai self care)
• Daily traditional Thai healing art spiritual practice

Tools of Thai Bodywork

(a level III Naga Center course)

Learn to incorporate the many wonderful tools of Thai bodywork to take your practice to the next level.  In this course students play and heal with scarves, potions, fire cups, roots, scraping and more.   


Course provides:
• Ability to integrate traditional tools into any bodywork treatment
• Instruction and practice in Thai fire cupping and, alternatively, use of silicone cups
• Use of Thai scraping (known as gaan khoodt in Thai, and as gua sha, coining, or ASTYM® in other systems)
• Use of Thai herbal balms and liniments
• A chance to fall in love with Thai hot herbal compresses