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Thai Massage Essentials: Layers and Lines

  • London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage, Belgravia London Belgravia, London United Kingdom (map)


Thai Massage Essentials – Layers & Lines

Belgravia, London UK

Taught by Natasha de Grunwald, London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage

Study your Thai massage foundations in a six-day module and experience a carefully planned and finely executed syllabus that your practice and passion can build upon.

Throughout this six-day training, we look at the true history of Thai massage and its Buddhist medicine roots, dispelling myths and bringing a structure to life that is based on ancient medical texts, which were translated only recently.

Over six days students learn simple, effective hands-on and practical techniques that work deep into the body.  These are enriched by lectures on Thai medical theory and anatomy, history and lineage, ethics, and Sen/trench theory.

In this module, we explore basic Thai anatomy and Element Theory, which is integrated with Natasha’s knowledge of the body and over 20 years of experience in the therapy field.

Lessons include spiritual practices and Reusi Dat Ton (Thai yoga/self care). Students learn to use elbows, palms, thumbs, feet, knees and forearms

The foundation module is the first step towards a professional qualification. It can be taken without previous knowledge of bodywork. We also welcome existing Thai Massage practitioners who want to add depth to their skills.

All students must have 55 hours of Anatomy and Physiology training to ITEC standard or VCTC level 3, before qualifying.
LITYM recommends each student complete a one-day First- Aid course and one-day dissection course.
A detailed training manual will be given to each student as part of the course.