We are the Naga Center Teacher's Guild

We are a group of Thai massage teachers who have come together to whole heartedly support one another in a non-competitive network of shared passion, knowledge, and skill.  Some of us have been studying Thai healing arts for twenty years or more.  Many of us have traveled and studied in Thailand.  All of us have studied extensively with Nephyr Jacobsen, at The Naga Center.  We are all dedicated to presenting Thai massage as authentically as possible.  If you have taken a Naga Center course with one of us, and wish to take the same course over again with another Naga Center Guild instructor, contact that teacher - if there is space, they will honor our tradition of allowing classes to be retaken at little to no additional cost.

Please note that many of us also teach non-Naga Center curriculum classes.  Only Naga Center curriculum classes are listed on this website.  To see what else any given teacher offers, visit the individual teacher websites.


Richmond, Virginia (and points beyond)
Damion is the founder of Woven Body Healing Arts in Richmond Virginia.  She is a long time Thai massage instructor who has studied extensively in Thailand and brings her love of dance, spirit, and anatomy to her work.  Damion has taught all over the U.S.

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Natasha de Grunwald

London, England
Natasha is the founder of the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage.  She has been practicing Thai massage for over twenty years, and teaching since 2005.  Natasha has traveled the world in her pursuit of quality Thai bodywork training and holds a unique dedication to the study of anatomy, participating in yearly dissection courses. 

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Jessica Dafni,

Bath, Maine
Jessica Dafni, LMT & RYT, is an artisan Thai Massage Therapist and a yoga instructor practicing, teaching and writing about Thai Bodywork and Yoga in Southern Maine. Since 2008, she has been studying Traditional Thai Bodywork and Medicine, which brought her to the The Naga Center in 2010. Ever since, she has been a dedicated student, learning through in-person classes, online learning and a home-study with Nephyr in Thailand.

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Deborah Hodges

Tuscon, Arizona
Deborah was one of Nephyr's first students, way back when she opened The Naga Center in 2005.  Deborah has traveled though Thailand with Nephyr, and studies regularly at The Naga Center.  She practices and teaches in Green Valley and Tucson Arizona.

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Nephyr Jacobsen

Portland, Oregon
Nephyr is the founder and director of The Naga Center: School of Traditional Thai Medicine and Massage, in Portland Oregon.  Her life is dedicated to researching, studying, writing about, practicing, and teaching, traditional Thai medicine.  She has written two books on Thai medicine, Seven Peppercorns, and Thai Herbal Medicine, as well as the entire Naga Center curriculum.

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Jim Madras

Eugene, Oregon
Jim Madras is a Thai massage therapist and a long time practitioner of Taijiquan and Qigong. He has studied extensively at The Naga Center and teaches workshops in cupping and scraping in Eugene Oregon where he also offers bodywork and qigong at Emerald Acupuncture Center. Jim is an extraordinary cupper whom The Naga Center is honored to have as an occasional guest instructor for more in-depth cupping instruction.

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Mary Elizabeth Sheehan

Fort Worth, Texas
Mary Elizabeth practices and teaches in Fort Worth, Texas.  She has a strong focus on treatment-based bodywork and brings a lovely mixture of practicality and humor to her classes. Mary Elizabeth has a special affinity for working with medical issues, and has an extensive history with both yoga and bodywork.

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Jennifer Vanderburg

Missoula, Montana
Jennifer has been a dedicated student of Thai Bodywork at The Naga Center ever since she completed a home stay study with Nephyr in Thailand in 2013, and has been a massage therapist for over 20 years.  She practices and teaches in Missoula, MT.

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